Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two weeks till I record my jazz CD in Paris

Two weeks before I go into the studio in Paris to record this jazz CD of standards, and I’m wrestling with keys and tempos and arrangements.  I have a name - 'The Sky Was Blue' and the song list is still adapting as we find out what players have an affinity for… in principle the songs are
1. Angel Eyes
2. Lover Come Back to Me
3. Again
4. Whisper Not
5. Love me or Leave Me
6. Court and Spark
7. Chelsea Hotel
8. Secret Heart
9. Sweethearts on Parade
10. Some of these Days
11. Heaven
12. Pale Blue Eyes
The songs are splitting themselves up into trio and solo and duo as I hear some are over arranged or some are missing a texture or timbre. It’s a set of songs that I love… I’m not sure if they fit the normal set of ‘standards’ but this last year has been about: thinking about what a makes a standard. At the end of the year I’m not sure if I’m that much farther ahead in figuring that one out. I’m not sure that we’re going to be able to get all these done in the studio… the time always races by when you have to set up mics and deal with layers of technology. I’m spending hours in my studio trying out vocal approaches to each song... don't know whether it's best to go safe and be a crooner or try out the vocal stuff that I've been doing for all the contemporary and performance work that I've done... probably finally be a spur of the moment choice when I hear how the tracks get laid down...
demos are still up at www.myspace.com/bremnerduthie Its nice to think that soon I can replace them with the 'real thing'

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