Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jazz Festival Season in Paris is Fast Approaching

Jazz Festival season is almost upon us in Paris, along with the summer weather, or almost summer weather, depending on what bit of odd early spring weather global warming is forcing on you. But rain or shine there will be a lot of great music in Paris over the summer months. This is the first post about upcoming festivals. Mostly links to their sites where you can explore their programming -

ongoing is the Les Couleurs du Jazz from the 6 to 29 juin 08

also ongoing is La Defense Jazz Festival I'm not a great fan of the neighbourhood and the immense glass boxes that it celebrates, but hell, if some of the corporate money goes to fund starving jazz musicians then I'm a fan! And even fund some non-starving artists like the amazing Herbie Hancock, who'll be performing on the 29th!

and finally in a venue I adore, in a neighbourhood I love, don't miss upcoming shows at Jazz Au Zebre from the 17th to the 20th of June... it should be a great weekend!

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