Friday, November 28, 2008

December in Jazz in Paris

Jazz Clubs in Paris are in full swing for December. There is great live jazz in December in Paris every night of the week! I'll put a few listings up for the next couple of weeks, and check back in for the holiday season listings - which I'll put mid month

and you can always browse our pages on the venues Here

soooo, as usual I try to pick out something traditional and maybe vocal, fun and couple orientated and something a little more out there, and also then something totally off the radar...

for my Trad. pick -

I'd have to say that Anne Ducros at Duc Des Lombards is a good bet - (that's her with the mic, not the guitar!) she's not the most thrilling singer, but she puts over great standard versions of the tunes she picks, and, since she's French, she has access to a stable of amazing players and will probably mix in some French standards into the evening. She's happening for the next week, till the 8th - links and address details on our venues page.

now this - for the more adventurous out there - should be amazing.

Das Kapital plays Hanns Eisler. Eisler was a German composer of the 20's - 50's and worked in cabaret, along side Kurt Weill, and after the war returned to Germany, unlike Kurt, to work in socialist East Germany. A wonderful composer (I've always loved his song cycle - Hollywood Elegies - written after a period in LA) and I'm so curious what this power trio will do with him. Edward Perraud drums and electronics, Daniel Erdmann, sax, flute and electronics, and Hasse Poulsen guitar. They're playing at Le Triton (11 bis, rue du Coq Français, 93260 Les Lilas) so it's just outside the edge of Paris, but really easy to get to via Metro. Here's Perraud's myspace - very funky

and finally, on the small and tiny note... don't forget the lovely Swan Bar - its wonderfully situated in the South of Paris near Montparnasse. The programming is eclectic, (sometimes too eclectic!) but if you hit it on a good night then the cocktails are great, the lovely Irish bartendress is chatty, and the music and ambiance is very classy. Here is there lineup for Dec. I don't know the specifics of the players, but if you're in the neighbourhood it can be a great bet

02/12 La Clouée 19h30
Lezi 21h30

Jam Vocale Lexi & Sheldon 21h30

04/12 Laetitia Ayres 19h30
RMG 21h30

05/12 Caroline Jeannoutot & Joel Bouquet 19h30
A.Tcholakian Trio invite Cécilia Bertolini 21h30
Round Midnight avec Sheldon Forrest minuit

06/12 en attente 19h30
Léo Céra 21h30
Round Midnight avec Sheldon Forrest minuit

09/12 Saulo Gama Solo 19h30
Ballades chez Swan 21h30

10/12 YAPA 19h30
Richard Razafindrakoto Trio 21h30

11/12 en attente 19h30
Apéro lyrique Alina Pavalache 21h30

12/12 Maria Inês Guimaraes 19h30
The New Sisters 21h30
Round Midnight avec Sheldon Forrest minuit

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