Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jobic Le Masson trio at 7 lezard jazz club in Paris

In June, I went twice to see Jobic Le Masson's trio play at 7 Lezards jazz bar in Paris. The first time I dropped by, I actually thought I'd just check them out for a few minutes, then probably head off somewhere else; I'd seen Jobic’s trio briefly, accompanying with a local jazz singer and although I thought they pulled off a nice set, I wasn't totally convinced by the blend of the styles between the trio and the vocalist.

Really all I knew about the group was that Jobic is married a Canadian friend of ours who runs the Red Wheelbarrow, a great English-language bookstore on rue Saint-Paul. But dropping into the 7 Lezards in June, I was much more convinced by the trio on their own: Jobic Le Masson on piano and two Americans in Paris, Peter Giron (bass) and John Betsch (drums), who are playing around with the traditions of free jazz, but in lighthearted and light-fingered way. The 'Ecoute' among the three is intense, as is the sense of space, freedom and encouragement they're sharing with each other. They slipped easily between standards, long free improvisations, and new compositions from Le Masson, and the sense of fun and play between the three gave me the feeling of being included in their personal adventure of discovering sound. Check out extracts at:

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