Sunday, July 02, 2006

Titi Robin's Paris Gypsy Jazz in a Montmartre Park

Paris, gypsy jazz, summer, hot, accordion... it's all good..

Titi Robin played his brand of gypsy jazz in Paris for free in the park behind Sacre Coeur (part of the Musique et Jardins series in the 18th arrondissement). Thierry (Titi) Robin's guitar-playing is inspired by gypsy jazzmen and flamenco music.

He’s combined forces with stunning singer/dancer Gulabi Sapera from Rajasthan, collaborated with Munir Bachir from Irak, and the last time we saw him, at Bouffes du Nord, he was playing a mean oud, accompanied by a team of jaw-droppingly good musicians from all over the map. Today he was keeping things simple for the playground crowd, with great percussive accompaniment of Ze Luis Nascimento and accordion by Francis Varis. Again: it's not a jazz club event you can see every weekend, but it can't be beat for a summertime event in Paris, and the views are extraordinary!

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