Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall in the Fair City - Jazz Clubs in Paris in Autumn - September and October

Springtime in Paris Jazz is pretty sweet - but even sweeter is Fall, especially for jazz clubs in Paris and live Jazz in Paris as all the well-tanned Parisians return revitalized from their 5 week holidays and set out to begin a new season of eating well and drinking well and heading out to see fine musicians around the city.

Even the Jazzers get their time to recharge. Under France's mandated assistance to artists and performers and musicians, all employers of these artsy types have to set aside 10% of their wages to assist them later in taking a summer holiday - the wonderful 'Conges Spectacles' program, where even the poorest of Jazz musicians can take two weeks and bring his family to the seaside.

So, expect some energetic performances in the next weeks in Paris.

Upcoming - first, a plug for an old friend - the extraordinary force of nature - Manda Djinn. A wonderful American jazz and gospel singer who has been in Paris for ever and knows her way intimately around the Paris jazz scene - and so can cherry pick some of the best players.

Manda DJINN et Alberto PIBIRI Trio
Friday, October 1, 2010 at 8:00pm
La Chopette Restaurant
168 rue d'Alesia-75014 Paris

Here is a neat video of Manda at Duc des Lombards

Next up this nice looking world music/jazz fest at a venue I like. L'Alahambra It's not far from the trendy Canal St. Martin quartier, so you can drop in to Chez Prune for glass beforehand and people watch.

Here is some info on each of the events in the series --

Moussu T. pulls in a selection of world music influences - mostly African worldbeat - and mixes them with a southern French tradition of Chanson

the gravel voice of Eric Lareine plays with language and phrasing amidst some lovely textural settings

The gypsy stylings and vocal acrobatics of Sashird Lao take scat to a new level

the last concert of the series, Romain Dudek passes what I would normally consider the scope of this blog - i.e. I'm not sure if it's Jazz - but he's certainly pushing outside some form - this video features him mostly doing vocal work - but other's have Romain working on hard on tearing apart rock guitar cliches

that's it for specifics for this upcoming week - to find links to all the individual clubs programming check out the 'Venues' page

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