Thursday, December 02, 2010

Play me some of that old time music, boys.... Big Band Swing Jazz in Paris

Le Petit Journal de Montparnasse programs old time standards, small orchestras, blues bands, gospel singers and dixieland.  No minimalist ECM long form free impro happening there.

Which, if you're into the first, and not into the second, is a very good thing.  .  On December 9th, at 9:30pm.... (well, this is Paris, where everything starts say 'around 9.30pm') Claude Bolling will be bringing his spectacular Big Band to the stage to run through quite a few standards.

The funny thing, is that often the French are really better at preserving American traditions than the Americans...   Respect for 'Tradition' (with a capital 'T') is so huge here in Francethat the French have no problem dedicating themselves to preserving this kind of music.  They adore the new, but they never forget their traditions. And if they don't swing quite as hard as the original, well, they give it their all and they look like they're having a lot of fun.

Here they are working their way through one of my fav's - Benny Goodman's 'Flying Home'.

Show and dinner is 70 euros, or just a drink and the show is 25 euros, and there's a youth price of 15 for a single drink and the show.

if that doesn't pop your cork, then check out our complete listings guide, or look on the main page for other recommended gigs.

And if you go, drop us a line afterwards and tell us how it is... I'll probably be down the street watching a long form minimalist ECM free impro...

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