Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who needs Jazz clubs in Paris - Go home with a real Paris Jazz Musican

Bored of simply seeing live jazz in Paris bars and clubs.... well, now the house concert has finally hit France!

And man, I love the way they say this in France - 'participation aux frais au chapeau' just means 'we'll pass the hat', but somehow it sounds so much more refined when they say it.

If you would like to get down and dirty and get really intimate with the Paris jazz scene, then why not risk your best tourist-French and call and make a reservation to hear these two fine players in an intimate setting in a home in Paris.  (click on the image to get the details in a larger window)

and if you're worried about what to say - here's an example sentence that should get you in

'Bonjour - je veut bien faire une reservation pour le concert avec Benjamin Duboc et Sylvain Guerineau'
to which they will reply some version of
'oui, et votre nom'
'desole, c'est complet' (sold out).

If you get the affirmative answer then just tell them your name, hang up and turn up on the 23rd prepared to see some wonderful playing

here are videos of each of the musicians

Benjamin Duboc on Bass

and Sylvain Geurineau on sax

I would urge you to go and not to be shy!!  The French adore having enthusiastic encounters with foreigners.  They might regard us as slightly imbecilic and obviously second-class human beings, but they have vast sympathy for the sad error of being born outside of France.

And they are the best hosts in the world - charming, welcoming and helpful.  I imagine there will be wine and beer for sale and some snacks and a chance to meet the musicians after.

and, of course, if you're looking for a more traditional club, check out the venue listings here

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