Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jazz Radio in Paris

Jazz Radio Stations in Paris

the supreme radio station in Paris for jazz fans is TSF, which used to be a communist station until it was bought in 1999 by Frank Tenot & Jean-Francois Bizot. their playlist tends towards the great standards, but keep an ear open at 8pm Monday to Friday, when programming manager Sebastien Vidal interviews a who's-who of Paris players & visitors.

in the morning, catch excellent historic recordings and stories from former France Musique director Pierre Bouteiller...on TSF every weekday morning at 9am for the rare early-rising jazz enthusiast!

So, while you're getting ready to go out, here are some excellent radio shows to tune into when you're in Paris:

FIP usually has a policy of pure schizophrenia (Sinead O'Connor followed by the Golden Gate Quartet  followed by The White Stripes followed by John Coltrane) but from 7:30pm 'til 9pm, the chaos chills into the daily Jazz show.

On Sundays, there are too many options: you can check out Ascenseur pour le jazz (which may translate to "Elevator Music" but trust us, it ain't)--10pm 'til midnight on FRANCE INTER . Or you can try EUROPE 1's Sunday show, Pour ceux qui aiment le jazz (from 11pm 'til 1am). Or you can listen to RTL's L'heure du jazz (one hour show starting at 11pm).

FRANCE MUSIQUE also has a Sunday show (midnight 'til 1am) and you can also tune in weekdays for an hour at 6pm for Le jazz est un roman (great show title, this one), as well as Wednesdays from 4pm 'til 5pm and Fridays from 11pm 'til midnight.

where to find them on the dial:
TSF 90.0 fm
Europe 1 104.7 fm
FIP 105.5 fm
France Inter 87.8 fm
France Musique 91.7 / 92.1 fm
RTL 104.3 fm

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