Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Upcoming Week in Paris Jazz bars and clubs

Some new artists and some heavyweights appearing in the upcoming week or so in Paris jazz bars.  If these don't interest you then check out the complete club listings for more options!

At Sunset/Sunside, right in the heart of the city, on a lovely pedestrian street on the right bank there are some nice acts this week.  On Friday night, at 10pm, Nico Wayne Toussaint, the French blues singer and harmonica player is performing (should be a nice way to end a cold friday with some hot blues)  Here's Nico playing some particularly down and dirty harmonica

And on Saturday night as part of their 'New Sounds' fest, Brice Martin and Claude Bartholomy are shaking up the downstairs at Sunset with some outside vocal and sax sounds

and finally this week I'll probably be checking out the Tony Tixier Septet at Duc Des Lombards. Friday night he's doing two sets - 8pm and 10pm.  25 euros

for addresses and websites check out the complete club listings 

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