Monday, November 15, 2010

This week in Paris Jazz Clubs - a rainy November in Live Jazz in Paris

Well, I'm going with this concert as the one to see this week.  An all out marathon of jazz and jazzy players at the  historic (well, 10 years old historic...) Le Triton  this Saturday, Nov 20th, from 4pm to 2am the next morning.  It's a nice, intimate space (not so much a Paris Jazz Bar, but a real Jazz Club) where you'll feel part of the action and where the crowd will be regulars of the venue and supporters of the little record label they have.  

It is just outside of the walls of Paris.  But if you plan it right then you can also take advantage of the trip to visit historic Belleville.  Get off the Metro at 'Belleville' or 'Goncourt' and then walk uphill for a few blocks before getting back on at 'Jordain' to head out to 'Mairie des Lilas'.  If the weather is nice then make a side trip over to see the view over Paris from the lovely 'Parc de Belleville' and have a glass of wine on the terrace of the Mer a Boire.  I can't imagine a nicer way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

It's a pretty eclectic line up.  There's the feminine tango sounds of Las Malenas

and the lovely, serious new music tones of Guillaume Roy

the gorgeous latin/arabic sounds of the Hadouk Trio

and later the rock tinged fusion sounds of Guillaume Peret and the Electric Epic

If you go, then really go early and catch the brunch - it'll be some charming impromptu kitchen with a nice drinkable house wine served by eager, friendly jazz lovers.  Take in the atmosphere of Parisian jazz lovers working to make this kind of music possible.

And if it doesn't strike your fancy then check out our listings of all the Paris jazz venues here

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