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Jazz in Paris in January 2011 - what's on in January in the jazz clubs and bars of Paris

Ayiee! Paris in January is busy busy busy with Jazz. There are great jazz concerts in venues all over Paris in January - traditional, avant-garde, nu-jazz, blues - you name it, it's all over town!

My little blog can't begin to give you a complete listing of the Paris jazz venues and concerts in January, but, what I can do is pick out some highlights, and maybe give you some good advice on what looks good.... and maybe even what might be nice to do before or after for a great night out in Paris seeing live jazz.


December 31st (that sort of counts as January, doesn't it...)
At Sunside - Rhoda Scott is pumping out the good time grooves on her Hammond B3 at 8:30pm and 11pm

and if you're going to be at Sunside for either of those gigs, then you should probably be wandering the lovely romantic streets in the Marais sometime before or after... it doesn't matter where you go - it's all beautiful all the time.  My favourite restaurant is Les Philosophes.  Sitting on one of the most beautiful corners in the city they serve up reliably traditional fare in a quiet but romantic setting - perfect for a night out in Paris.

On January 22nd the Musee Branly continues their cycle of concerts 'Blue Indigo' with a concert by Steve Lehman

You'll find the Musee Branly at 37 quai Branly, metro Alma Marceau, and if you decide to go to this gig, well then you have no choice but to spend time before just across the river in the stunning museum - Palais de Tokyo.  This modern art gallery is an old edifice from the 20's and had its guts ripped out to host the new museum... only they didn't put new guts back in, so now the paintings hang amidst the wonderfully destroyed remnants of the girders and concrete of the original building.  The Palais de Tokyo has a great restaurant and rotating shows of modern art.

On January 25th, at the magnificent Chatelet Theatre, the Orchestra National de Jazz is doing a show called Billie Holiday, Shut up and Dance.  Now, I admit I don't know anything about this concert, but I'm going to recommend it based mostly upon their amazing press image

and upon the wonderful venue, one of my favourite theatres in Paris, le Theatre de Chatelet

Here's some footage of the Orchestra crossing over every kind of genre category

And, if you check out this concert, well, you have absolutely no choice not to indulge in one of my favourite restaurants in Paris.  The stunning 'Zimmer' (I was there this weekend indulging in their famous Choucroutte).  It's easy to find, since it's actually in the same building as the theatre.  And it has history pouring out of it.  Everyone... and I mean everyone... has eaten under it's ornate ceiling - Sarah Bernhardt, Jules Verne, Richard Strauss, Mahler, Picasso, Lautrec, Stravinsky...etc etc etc..

And finally in January I'll quickly point out a few more good bets.

On the 7th, you can come and headline in Paris!!   That's right - Duc Des Lombards has their weekly jam session - bring your instrument and make some new musical friends

On the 9th, at the Salle Pleyel, on the Champs Elysees, Michael Portal is playing - that might be a beautiful gig

On the 11th, there's Jazz Manouche at Baiser Sale, Rocky Gresset and Gilles Naturel are swinging that one.

And here's a fabulous and quirky one - on January 22nd, at the Dynamo, there's a 'Fabulous Imaginary Cabaret' with the Les Musiques a Ouir.  I won't even try and translate this wonderful description

"Wilkommen, welcome, bienvenue au cabaret free désinvolte, au music-hall déjanté, dadaïste et féérique, au moulin (rouge) du musette et de la chanson populaire recyclée rock !Brigitte Fontaine et Areski, Billie Holiday, Eric Lareine, Loïc Lantoine, Georges Brassens, Ferré, Dutronc, Boris Vian, les Clash ou Zizi Jeanmaire… "
I know where I'll be that night!

Have a wonderful stay in Paris... and if you want more ideas check out our 'best venues' page.  And don't hesitate to drop me a line at if you want to ask any questions!

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